Friday, August 6, 2010


Wait, who's Alex talking to? Why, it's Jake! Him and Randy are back safe and sound from their adventures abroad, and I'm sure we'll see some evidence of their fun there soon enough. Anyway, the other day everyone wanted to go to a certain spot to try a certain something, but instantly got kicked out by a certain cranky lady. So I met everyone at the blind school ledges instead. And we skated there for a bit, and it was fun, except for the ever-present ball of fire above us. Then just when we were about to leave Chris had the bright idea to move a dumpster and skate it off the loading dock behind it. Instantly we had a fresh session on our hands. After he skated the dumpster he moved it and discovered yet ANOTHER ledge at the blind school. Like archaeologists, Jake and Alex inspected and excavated it, and then another session had begun. After that we tried to teach Jake how to kickflip properly, but he's still working on it. -Worful