Friday, August 27, 2010


When I showed up at the blind school the other day Randy was knee deep into several attempts of a very sick and complicated line. He just can't do something simple, can he? Gabe was there to document it with his huuuuuge camera that he borrowed from school. Anyway, so after that we went to the up/down ledge in Tower Grove Park, but not the one that Bobby and I usually skate, the OTHER one. It's taller, but otherwise the same. So yeah, some definite rippage went down there and that was fun to watch. Randy unfortunately messed up his hand trying something, but the session was pretty much over once this woman walked by with her dogs and Jared yelled "Are those Puggles?!" and excitedly ran over to pet them. Everyone else pretty much followed suit. Then Alex wanted to go to the double set to try something. Finally, Jared gave everyone a lesson in tre flips as the sun set. -Worful