Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Sunday I met up with Randy and Alex at the Festival of Nations in Tower Grove Park. I'd never been and it was fun. After that we decided to keep the worldly spirit going by trying to bridge the skate gap (the pun wasn't intended (no, wait, the pun WAS intended)) between the city and the suburbs. We started at the career academy ledges where Schwartz was seriously stressing over the wax situation. Bobby was especially feeling 180 nosegrinds and took it to the gap to ledge, yeah Bob! Meanwhile Alex did his best impression of another Alex. After that we headed to Webster to skate a fence gap. Schwartz said if he landed a backside flip I had to do 25 pushups. He did not land it. You're welcome, arms. At some point Randy and Alex disappeared and all the sudden were yelling from across the street for me to come take a photo of their double date. I did, but not before several comical slams, some major wheel bite, and a rogue board that could've KILLED me. After that Randy and I enjoyed some bootleg music in Forest Park and I met up with Argus at an undisclosed spot so he could ponder pain vs. glory. -Worful

Monday, August 29, 2011


So I went to the JB park the other day and played team S.K.A.T.E. Some of us took our losses harder than others, Danny especially. But I think we can all agree that we hate Derek and all his STUPID tricks. Also of note: Chris and his board. -Worful

Friday, August 26, 2011


Up North Trip from kyle beachy on Vimeo.

Here's a great video I snagged from the Dude LIfe blog of their recent trip to Wisconsin. Looking good boys! -Worful


Wissman just posted issue four of his zine. There's a sick Justin Van Sant sequence that Bobby and I liked among other great stuff, go check it out! -Worful

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I've been loving these King of the Lou videos that Wissman's been posting on his blog. The skating in the winning entry is so good and the rest of the tomfoolery is also fun to watch. -Worful

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Street League Riot from YouWillSoon on Vimeo.

The internet can be mind numbing. I'm not sure if my standards for humor have gone up or if i've become jaded by the steady stream of, what used to be, hilarious videos of cats farting and hiccuping at the same time, obese people falling flat on their faces, etc.etc.etc. Such as it is, I rarely find myself laughing out loud by myself watching these sorts of things anymore, if ever.

A couple weeks ago at 1:00am I found the youwillsoon-created gem above posted on Kansas City's done blog, Get At Me. Thats a time usually reserved for pointlessly browsing around the internet for some cheap entertainment, then sighing, then yawning, then cursing under my breath, and finally falling asleep and dreaming of the same tired replays of local news bloopers, nut racks, and things in auto-tune that usually aren't in auto-tune.

The above video elicited laughter upon several repeat views and reminded me of many other examples of this overdubbed style of comedy and how generally hilarious it is when well executed. First I thought of Jason Dill's ad-libbed classic here. Then of a recent one here. And then youtubed a bunch of old MST3K episodes, people "shredding" and the like.

Point being, I want to laugh more. So we here at Pretty are collaborating with The High Five to bring you a very special contest and an opportunity to win a whole lot of free shit from both Pretty and The High Five.

This is a unique contest because we're not asking for footage of you skateboarding, because lets be honest here, no one gives a crap. Its very simple. We want you to create an overdubbed video like the examples cited and send it in for us to judge. It can be anything. It can be a video you find, a video you make, or even use the same videos and put your own twist on them. We'll post the best video on the blog but, bottom line, the one that makes us laugh the most wins the big prize. If we get more funny videos than we expect we might institute a 2nd and 3rd place but for now may the best man win.

Pretty makes zero dollars and The High Five might pick up a few bucks here and there but ultimately we are paying you to make us laugh, isn't that generous?

If no one submits anything, then i'll just assume the entirety of our readership are dullards that are devoid of any creativity, or the more likely scenario, that this is a really, really, stupid contest.

Funny video though huh? Chris Cole, what!

Send all submissions to prettytalk@gmail.com by Oct. 1st for your chance to win! Good Luck!


Bobby's been getting some bi-blog coverage. Plus here's a little clipper doodle from Kyle's blog of Randy ripping on a recent trip to Wisconsin with some of the Dude Life dudes. Check their site for more updates soon we hope, also new boards coming I hear.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


In breaking skateboard and hip hop related news, none other than Weezy himself, Lil Wayne, reportedly slammed while skating in our fair city recently. I did not know he skates, but apparently he does. Awesome! Anyway, according to his Twitter he seems to have no hard feelings and felt that St. Louis was "good." For a more hilarious reading of the aforementioned Tweet we now turn to our very own Fox 2 News. Also, as always, shout out to the book drive. -Worful

Monday, August 22, 2011


If you've been wondering what Drew's been up to lately, the answer is he's been ripping. Also he's kind of reminding me of Steve Prefontaine in that first video. I dig it. -Worful


Lend a helping hand whenever you can, like our friend Tim Ward seen here with Buzzy Sullivan of Woodward West. They both recently helped children with autism learn how to skateboard at the Girl park through A.Skate. You can see more inspiring pictures here.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Wow! Another rad welcome video from the folks at The High Five. We approve. And Randy's cat approves as well.


After witnessed such a high level of gnar over the weekend it was nice to head straight to a session that's a little more my style: Bobby, Troy, and a crappy loading dock. Perfect! -Worful

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The Rad One now makes boards, sick! If you want to get your hands on one stop by Infinity or contact the rad one himself, Wissman.

P.S. I had no idea Wissman kicked it with Gershon! I'm so jealous.


St. Louis Trip from Bottom feeders. on Vimeo.

Another sick crew was in town this past weekend, from Georgia. They were really cool and really good skaters as well. I met up with them and some homies and headed to the Kingshighway up ledge and they made good use of their time before they left town that night. Nice to meet you guys, come back again! -Worful

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Sunday I again met up with a very large mid-western crew at the blind school. Celebration was under way due to Sean landing something crazy. From there we went to the intimidating rail to bank off Kingshighway. It was sick watching so much crazy stuff go down. And the highlight was Reggie's wallie, so rad. I had to take off early but I hope everyone from KC had a fun trip, good to see ya'll! -Worful


A very deep crew from Escapist rolled, grinded, and slid through town this past weekend. Super nice dudes and super sick skaters for sure. Saturday I met up with everyone at the blind school ledges and it was practically a block party. Next we all headed to the recently popular Pine rails and various trickery ensued. This ripper Arthur stuck something very unexpected and amazing, but not before taking a scary slam. Afterwards we went to Keiner and the grass hill was probably the most skated thing there. But it caused one board to go straight into the fountain. Luckily there was a girl just chilling in the water already, so she was very nice and grabbed it for us. From there we scoped out the Wainwright rail, but quickly got the boot. Our last spot of the night was the church rail near downtown for a generator assisted session. -Worful