Tuesday, August 16, 2011


A very deep crew from Escapist rolled, grinded, and slid through town this past weekend. Super nice dudes and super sick skaters for sure. Saturday I met up with everyone at the blind school ledges and it was practically a block party. Next we all headed to the recently popular Pine rails and various trickery ensued. This ripper Arthur stuck something very unexpected and amazing, but not before taking a scary slam. Afterwards we went to Keiner and the grass hill was probably the most skated thing there. But it caused one board to go straight into the fountain. Luckily there was a girl just chilling in the water already, so she was very nice and grabbed it for us. From there we scoped out the Wainwright rail, but quickly got the boot. Our last spot of the night was the church rail near downtown for a generator assisted session. -Worful