Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So I skated almost everyday of last weekend, and both days were super fun. The first day I met up with Bobby, Drew, and Guy at the Kingshighway spot and snapped a picture of Wissman in the process. Then we checked out this steep wall in a nearby alley. Finally we hit up this fun ledge to drop that someone angle ironed. When we got there the front piece was lying on the ground, but Bob decided to try and skate it anyway. He stuck a crooked grind, but wanted to do a better one and of course slammed. But the ledge ALSO slammed, as in the angle iron fell off as he was grinding. Wow. The next day I met up with Gabe at the Southwest steep bank to shoot a picture of him for Beeftruk (yeah Gabe!), and Reggie ended up getting some sick tricks too (yeah Reggie!). I also got to meet Herbert's super cool dog. Then we went back to the steep wall in the alley from the previous day so Drew could film something (yeah Drew!), to Cherokee for some tacos, and then to this spot my friend Nate calls "the schlong." Gross. On the way home Drew, Guy, and I stopped by the slalom contest in Tower Grove Park. I highly recommend checking it out. It was super fun to watch, and there were lots of people hanging out. There were also lots of really cool boards with custom graphics and grip jobs. -Worful


Big thanks to Randy and Lucy and their families for having everyone to Joe's Cafe for their super fun wedding reception! It was a blast for sure. Congratulations you two!


If you do tell him we said hi! Also if you haven't seen him skate you're really missing out. Seriously.


Kyle and some friends have started a new site called Stop This Video that will be discussing skateboarding matters. Awesome!


Wow! We had no idea the pretty girls were such pot heads.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Please help the people in Joplin, Missouri and throughout the Midwest and surrounding areas whose homes have been devastated by the recent tornadoes. If you would like to make a donation to the American Red Cross you can do so online right here. Thank you!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Check Jabari ripping with none other than Josh Kalis, Chris Cole, and the DC team at Double Rock!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Tim Ward was in town this past weekend, yesssss! Tim is one of the nicest dudes you'll ever meet, and he rips, and Bobby and I were super stoked that he made it in from Chicago where he's visiting family. He was so nice to show us around Arizona and we tried to show him a good time here too. One of the first places he wanted to go was the Kingshighway spot. He really liked it, for obvious reasons, and so we stayed there for a bit. He couldn't legally leave before he pulled his signature pivot to fakie on one of the barriers. After that we stopped by the Kingshighway up ledge and then went to the blind school ledges, but only after taking Tim to Imo's for his first time. While we didn't expect him to say it competed with Venezia's of course, he did give it the thumbs up. Wheeeeew! Anyway, we weren't sure where to go after that until Drew casually mentioned that he might have something to film at the rail to bank spot off Kingshighway. Boy oh boy am I glad we went there because he ended up putting on quite a show. Yeah Drewser! Bobby was on his way back from visting friends in Chicago and got dropped off by his lovely wife on their way back. He immediately started killing it. To end the day we headed to Bobby's thread the needle hip spot and Tim tried to get some footage for the Infinity video even though he already got a line earlier. Thanks for hanging out Tim! Let's skate again soon. -Worful