Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So I skated almost everyday of last weekend, and both days were super fun. The first day I met up with Bobby, Drew, and Guy at the Kingshighway spot and snapped a picture of Wissman in the process. Then we checked out this steep wall in a nearby alley. Finally we hit up this fun ledge to drop that someone angle ironed. When we got there the front piece was lying on the ground, but Bob decided to try and skate it anyway. He stuck a crooked grind, but wanted to do a better one and of course slammed. But the ledge ALSO slammed, as in the angle iron fell off as he was grinding. Wow. The next day I met up with Gabe at the Southwest steep bank to shoot a picture of him for Beeftruk (yeah Gabe!), and Reggie ended up getting some sick tricks too (yeah Reggie!). I also got to meet Herbert's super cool dog. Then we went back to the steep wall in the alley from the previous day so Drew could film something (yeah Drew!), to Cherokee for some tacos, and then to this spot my friend Nate calls "the schlong." Gross. On the way home Drew, Guy, and I stopped by the slalom contest in Tower Grove Park. I highly recommend checking it out. It was super fun to watch, and there were lots of people hanging out. There were also lots of really cool boards with custom graphics and grip jobs. -Worful