Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Last Friday when David was still in town I met up with him and a small crew at the KHUL. Lots of cool stuff went down, although I'm not sure if Alex did all the tricks on his hit list. Then we went go to the lighting company bank and I got at a shot of Zach ducking under the truck there and also Joe Jackson doing what he does best (see: ripping). Speaking of Joe, he showed me a TOP SECRET Troy line on his Flip camera that was very enjoyable. Saturday after David left I met up with everyone down at Keiner. Randy wallied over some broken glass to look tough, and then we got kicked out. I guess it was too tough. It certainly was too tough for his board, which after being broken became a target at the Afton High School banks for Randy's slingshot. Things progressed when we headed to Randy's for a BBQ and his lovely wife had set up more targets for him. Awww! Then Alex almost put his eye out. Also it was Alex's prom that night, but he blew it off because he's literally too cool for school. School sanctioned events that is. -Worful