Tuesday, May 17, 2011


More people started to come to the show as the night went on, including this super nice kid who wanted a board signed. I also had the honor of sharing the night with Max Chilen's UMKC graduation party. Max rips and according to Guy has the coolest name in skateboarding. I agree. After Randy, Lucy, Jack, and Tess showed up Dan suggested we go walk around to some of the other galleries. The first Friday vibe was super cool and lots of people were out, including Dan's brother and other car enthusiasts which was sick to see. Then we came back to the gallery and hung out for awhile and watched a very exciting dice game before we decided to go to the Westport area to get "buck" as Guy would say. The next day Dan took us to a nice ditch to skate, and then later to a really fun and mellow park. Did you know that Dan can do an entire line while sitting? It's true. He should've filmed it, but instead he filmed Randy's sick air. After that Guy and I grabbed some BBQ and hit the road and drove late into the night to get back home. Anyway, I had a blast and just wanted to say thanks so much to Dan at Escapist for asking me to do the show and design the board. I really appreciate it! Dan's super rad and so are the Escapist shops and all the KC people I met too. Special thanks to Guy for everything, and to the homies that made the drive from St. Louis. It all means a lot, and I feel really lucky to be friends with all these rad people and to have gotten to be a part of Pretty. -Worful