Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Sunday I met up with Randy and Alex at the Festival of Nations in Tower Grove Park. I'd never been and it was fun. After that we decided to keep the worldly spirit going by trying to bridge the skate gap (the pun wasn't intended (no, wait, the pun WAS intended)) between the city and the suburbs. We started at the career academy ledges where Schwartz was seriously stressing over the wax situation. Bobby was especially feeling 180 nosegrinds and took it to the gap to ledge, yeah Bob! Meanwhile Alex did his best impression of another Alex. After that we headed to Webster to skate a fence gap. Schwartz said if he landed a backside flip I had to do 25 pushups. He did not land it. You're welcome, arms. At some point Randy and Alex disappeared and all the sudden were yelling from across the street for me to come take a photo of their double date. I did, but not before several comical slams, some major wheel bite, and a rogue board that could've KILLED me. After that Randy and I enjoyed some bootleg music in Forest Park and I met up with Argus at an undisclosed spot so he could ponder pain vs. glory. -Worful