Sunday, August 15, 2010


It has been said that there is strength in limitation. Or maybe I'm just making that up. If that is the case (that I am pulling proverbial wisdom out of thin air) then I hope that some old and timeless work of film or literature will be prefaced by "there is strength in limitation- the dolphin". However, it is highly doubtful when there are people like this dude taking up all of the quote space in the world.

Point is, our pal Jake can point his camera at his little buddies (just kidding "little buddies", but how can you compete when there are people like this dude around) at his crummy local prefab skatepark in the middle of fucking nowhere (just kidding, America's heartland) and then put it into his computer, throw a nifty tune over it, pepper in some stock footage topped with some virtuoso editing and it can all turn out pretty great.

For proof of this theory just ask Jake how I turned everything into nothing on our recent visit to Spain. More from that trip soon hopefully, and more from when Worf and I went to Peru, (2nd link) if I ever get around to it. At this rate, I might not, and it has become clear I have more important priorities.

Worf- can we get Mr. Pratte a password so he can post his own videos instead of having to cringe at the sight of his masterworks aside my silly rants? Is there some sort of perfunctory ceremonial rite we have to perform to knight him into bloghood? I think hanging out with me in Spain for 2 weeks was probably a harsh enough hazing at least.