Monday, August 16, 2010


Bobby and I ventured to Troy, IL the other day and had a super fun time at the Troy park that is famous for it's frequent appearances in Jake's videos. I referred to it affectionately as "The Webster park of the North." It's great! A bunch of dudes where already there ripping once we showed up, including Gabe and Derek (even though his fingers are all purple and chubby due to an injury). Bobby joined in on the fun and seemed right at home. Afterward we headed to Jake's house and he bought us all pizza and showed us some footage he'd been shooting. What a great host! The next day I ran into Jake again at the JB park and then again the next day at the KHUL. In other news, since Jake's clearly become a regular fixture in our frolicking and since I love Jake and his tre flips and his videos and fully back Randy's suggestion to invite him to contribute to our blog. If Jake accepts this invitation there will be an informal induction ceremony at Pizza Street sometime this week. Also, YOU HAVE ONE DAY TO DECIDE JAKE. -Worful

P.S. Drew came with us to the JB park and is somewhat less hurt than he has been and was looking good as always cruising around the park. But before we got there he inhaled some BBQ and then felt sick and said the food was making him "feel crazy" and thus he had to stop skating for a bit and rest. I told this story to Bobby and he quickly referred to Drew as "Drew-B-Q." Ha!