Monday, April 18, 2011


Guy, Bobby, and I took a long overdue trip to Nashville this past weekend to see our old friend John "Doubt It" Hood. The boys were nice enough to pick me up at work after I got off, and Bob was nice enough to drive us there through the wind, rain, and some of the most awful hail I've ever seen. In his nice new car no less. Thanks Bob! The rainbow after the storm was nice though. When we got in that night we were greeted with a kiss in the form of one of Hood's mom's awesome mosaic pieces in front of their place. That night Hood took us out to a fun bar and then we hit the hay. The next day it was a lot colder than we thought it was going to be, but we went out skating anyway. Hood took us to a fun outdoor park to warm up, and then to the famed Legislative Plaza. That spot is sooooo sick. Hood showed us what smooth ledge skating looks like. But the weather was getting to us, so we headed to a local youth center's indoor park. You could LITERALLY skate the stairs at the entrance thre. Anyway, it was fun, but not as fun as the park outside the center. Also the pink helmets were a nice touch. But they were of course outdone by the the TMNT helmet this one kid had fashioned. -Worful