Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Sunday was even warmer than Saturday, I think it got up to 90 or something crazy. But it wasn't humid which was nice. It was very un-July. Anyway so I met up with Joe, Schwartz, Chris, and Reggie at this nice up ledge. Then we headed to those chubby flatbars. Things were going fine, and then Joe sort of went off on a weird tangent with his tricks. After Ray did a handstand Gabe focused his Quicktrip cup and deemed the session over. But before we left we witnessed and honest to God remote control car race. Fantastic! Since we were so close to it and since Joe apparently had only been there once years ago, we headed to the Hanley wall next. Joe got in some good stuff, as did the rest of the crew, just in case we didn't make it there again any time soon. -Worful