Monday, April 4, 2011


Saturday it was reeeeeally nice out, so I picked Bobby up and we met a bunch of dudes at the blind school ledges including Pratte and some friends of his who were in town from Minnesota. They were super nice and ripping too and he'd been taking them around to various spots around town all weekend. On the way there though Bob and I spied a guy on a bike that looked a lot like Drew, and in fact it WAS Drew on his bike. He was just coming out to hang out rather than skate and was on his way to the blind school as well. After a bit everyone was hungry, so we went to Imo's so Jake's out of town guests could see what they thought of some local cuisine (so to speak). Then Bob, Guy, and I headed over to the career academy ledges ahead of the rest of the crew. Bob was putting in some work and once everyone else got there a full on session was underway. I didn't skate much myself, but almost took a slam by almost crashing my car while driving on 44 and trying to take a picture of the sunset through my windshield. Not recommended. -Worful