Friday, February 17, 2012


Bad news. Apparently UPS didn't bring the new 5boro video today like they were supposed to. As in UPS is a bunch of fuck "UPS." Get it? The didn't "deliver" the goods. GET IT? Anyway, here's the scoop from Jason at Infinity...

"Long story short, the UPS driver does not like our posted store hours (for the last 13 years). Even though it says we open at 12pm clearly on the door, they came at 10:15am and never came back. This video was sent next day air to us from 5boro. This is not mine or 5boro's fault. This is completely the fault of our lazy UPS driver. Please spread the word that there will be no video tomorrow." bummer! But there WILL be a premiere Monday night at 8pm instead. See you there! Thanks Jason. -Worful