Monday, February 6, 2012


My friend Sam Mcguire set up a Kickstarter page for a trip i'll be going on if we meet the Kickstarter goal. For those of you who don't know how to get free money for cool or stupid personal projects yet, Kickstarter is a fundraising website While it may sound like a bunch of shysters trying to get a free ride (well, yeah..) its also a pretty clever experiment in trying to involve the audience in the experience of a trip with professional skateboarders. There are several benefits to donating like opportunities to interact with the trip, get your footage in the DVD, get personalized postcards from the road, receive signed or unsigned product or van leftovers, or blow up your social media rep by getting a twitter or instagram thanks and @mention from the skaters.
Want your favorite or least favorite pro skateboarder to prank call a friend of yours? Even that can be arranged by kicking in the right amount of $$$.
shit, If you have 500 bucks laying around you can get an impromptu demo at a location of your choice if its on the map.
so obviously a lot of this is being done with a grain of salt to experiment with the possibility of people interacting with a trip like this and if you see through the evil self-serving lies just wait before you go on a moral rampage and realize that all you're doing is essentially just getting what you choose to pay for and you can literally suggest anything. Otherwise you are just paying for a tour video or photo-book in advance if you don't want to do any of the other silly stuff. Considering the line-up of skaters it will probably be pretty damn good.
Check the link out and see if there is anything on there that would make you want to help us get this thing rolling!!