Monday, October 3, 2011


Our friends at Escapist skate shop in KC are involved in a street league off shoot called "Shop League" that gives the hosting cities local shop a hack at their stadium-seated Excitebike course. The winning shop gets a whopping 5 large for getting the most votes. With economic woes and online/mall chain shops steadily creeping in and getting the better of the skater-owned skateshops these days, it is more important than ever to support our friends and help them keep their doors open.

Go here to vote for Escapist!!

Now of course we have a lot of love for the other shops involved (big shout out to our friends at Cowtown) but factors like history, proximity, and events like this, make Escapist the obvious choice for any self-respecting Saint Louis skateboarder. Check the graphic at the 2:00 mark on the video. Duh.

While i'm still in full hype-man mode I might as well plug the Todd Bratrud and Michael Seiben art show at Escapist this coming weekend, Oct. 7th. Attendance is a no-brainer.