Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Just like the good ol' days, I traveled out west over the weekend with the Kehoes and company. West County I mean. Chris was really wrecking himself and getting super close to getting a crazy trick, but alas he'll have to go back. Meanwhile Joe Jackson showed up and went off road while Randy and Jack chubbed out. Afterwards we headed to the snowcones. I was bummed Bobby couldn't skate with us (there of all places), but he's busy teaching his son how to skate, so it's fine. Again, Joe of course got creative, and then we headed to the flat rails down the street. Randy did that classic "thing" he does where he says he's too tired and then pulls some amazing trick out of thin air. This time it was from a suggestion from Jack, but you'll have to wait to see it. Anyway I'm thinking that Randy should hire Jack to be his trick coordinator for the Infinity video. Also I think we should skate the county way more. -Worful