Monday, October 17, 2011


Bart "The Bartman" Jones is in town. Even though my phone's nonexistent at the moment I was still able get a hold of Randy and everyone, so we took Bart to some spots and demanded that he rip. He obliged. Speaking of phones, check out Bart's. He skates hard, he phones hard. Everyone else ripped too, including Jake who apparently just got on Hook-Ups. Yeah Jake! After that we went to the absolute worst gas station in St. Louis and then to a treacherous manual spot up north. Alex and Reggie battled it while a porch of very entertained onlookers cheered them on. One of which decided to take a crash course in skate photography from Bart. Randy also explored the curb to gap nearby. Finally we skated a metal ledge down the street and called it a day. -Worful