Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We arrived in San Antonio at seven in the morning. After catching some shut eye we hit some parks and cooled off in a nearby river. There's a lot of good street spots in San Antonio; half of which are ditches. So our second day there, we shredded a couple and then had some great Texas BBQ. On our third and final day in town we went to a small skatepark in the middle of a city park. It was clear Sean had home court advantage by the level of ripping he was doing. We breaked for lunch and met Sean's wife and daughter for tex-mex. We skated a little street and finished the trip off with the second great American pastime: mini golf. Hood's ball tuned into a toad, which inspired Randy to take a wild ride. But he didn't have any change and probably didn't really feel like spending it if he did. The next morning we said our goodbyes to Sean and the rest of the Cummings family and headed back to our small midwestern bubble.