Monday, June 13, 2011


Another day with Ari, Vlad, and Scott. Lucky us! But where to take them? Ultimately it didn't matter. They were down for whatever and had fun everywhere it seemed. So This particular day I met up with them at the Southwest banks. Ari somehow dropped into the highest and steepest part of the wall and we were all pretty stoked. Yeah Ari! Vlad also got a sick combo trick on the top part. Yeah Vlad! Scott of course did the expected by doing the unexpected in the form of a bean plant on an ACTUAL plant. Amazing! After that we went back to the big bank on Kingshighway to Vlad could battle once again for the nutty boneless he'd been trying the other day. And he got it! Yeah Vlad! We tried to take them to the Afton High School banks after that, but got the boot as soon as we rolled up. So instead we checked out the up down ledges in Tower Grove Park. Scott got precise on a back 5-0 up and down the entire thing. Yeah Scott! Finally we checked out the front of the blind school for a change of pace. -Worful