Wednesday, June 8, 2011


After taking Ari and Vlad to the Perryville park, Drew naturally wanted to show them another gem of a park in the form of the Webster park. Sure, it's a less glimmering gem, but it's our gem. And they strangely enjoyed it there and ended up coming back to skate it more. Weird! Anyway, by the time the weekend rolled around they had a very special guest show up: Scott Gall! We weren't sure where to take them on Saturday, so we ended up taking them to the Hanley wall. And even though they'd said it looked hard to skate they totally killed it. Ari, Vlad, Scott, and Schwartz all had some definite NBDs for sure. Oh and don't worry, it was all caught on the Vlad cam. After that we stopped by the Kingshighway up ledge for a shaded session. We were worked after that, and there was just enough time to make it to Pappy's before they stopped serving food. KABOOM! -Worful