Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Near as we can tell, Dolphin's post yesterday was about getting out and exploring the world, or a least your own backyard. On that auto-tuned note, it looks like the boyz over at Escapist in KC are at it again, tearing up their streets with another audio-visual offering. Expect the full length video to drop next year.


* Malto knows football?

* How is blatant materialism still alive in this dead economy?

* Did I really just see the best natural QP ever?

* Can Ryan Pearce transition from unknown uber-am to rap mogul?

* Possible NBD's: Renegading a beer in a liquor store? Nollie flip back lip?

* Will Max Chilen's next video part live up to the awesomeness of his name?

* Was Hackel not feeling it?

and lastly,

* They may have had the hoez, but where the fuck were the titties?

Stay tuned, duders.