Wednesday, December 1, 2010



I don't check the Pretty gmail account too often, probably about 3 times to be exact. But after looking at its contents today, it is clear why we have a naturally polite and friendly person like Worful administrating these kinds of things, because if I were running that side of the show we would probably have a lot more enemies. Not to mention j'boi Beeftruk would really take no prisoners. We ALL know there would be some serious issues with our reader base.

We LOVE getting emails from friends and fans of the blog, but please, don't add to the ever growing pile of messages like my example above. We like to keep the tone light around here (well Worful does anyway) but it is very clear that this blog and "company" is here for the purpose of friends, fun, and a creative outlet. We're not for sale, we're not an advice column, and we're not here to do promotions or to make ourselves, or especially you, money.

Now where were we?