Friday, December 3, 2010


Dad Cam. from David Thomas on Vimeo.

We'll its been pretty cold recently, and since i've had little else to do than sit on the internet and blog up a storm, I might as well institute a new semi-weekly feature right? And by "semi" I mean this might be the only one ever. Basically i'll post two videos and then ramble on about them for longer than is necessary. Without further ado..

The first video continues Derek Fukahara's digi-cam edits of his travels from the past few years. In a dramatic shift in tone from the last video this one has a bittersweet and morose nostalgia to it. Its entitled "Where to get off" which as a statement makes it sound like a porno, but from the feel of the video I think it is posing the question "where to get off?". Sure traveling the world with your buddies is fun but after its all said and done what did it all really mean? Was the travel itself just a reaction to the anxiety of modern life? An aimless wanderlust with, as implyed by the title and song, no hard concept of where to get off and call home? Was it all just a ceaseless blur of people, places, and things, all moving in rapid procession towards certain death without purpose or meaning? Those cars and people in the video are walking and driving REALLY fast, where are they going though? Heavy stuff, indeed.
I would have called the video "The World's Saddest Nut Sack" (2:36) or, "Randall's Badass Rope Swing to Jumpkick" (2:44) but I would be focusing on only the fun parts of traveling and not the whole picture, for there is a flipside to all things. For every epic rack of the testicles there is the sad, confused, stab into darkness of the ropeswing jumpkick. Every yin has its yang, and even as the sun lights our day it creates dark shadows among the pine forest of our soul.

Moving right along, we have a real mood-lightener from our friend David Thomas via the Dude Life blog. Although Dave has some qualms with his creation mid-montage (00:30) I happen to be VERY impressed by it. Mostly impressed by the fact that Dave has found a song to replace the usual "chicken dance" or "theme from Benny Hill" that is almost unavoidable given the nature of the content he is working with. Props, Mr. Thomas.
He call's his video "Dad Cam" but I would have called it "3 Feet High and Not Going Any Higher Than That Thank You Very Much."

I hope you enjoy your Friday folks! Save some energy for Worful's birthday party tomorrow!