Thursday, July 29, 2010


Alex called me yesterday and informed me that he was meeting some dudes at the Gateway ledges yesterday, and although it was muggy out we had a good time. Joe put on quite a show on the ledges, and then everyone took it to the flat gap. Meanwhile Jared was trying his best to teach me how he does his amazing hardflips. Apparently it's all in the shoulders, but I'm still working on it. In other news, Chris has been allergic to getting his picture taken apparently, but we sorted it all out. And in exchange I let Alex take my picture. Finally, things started to get "weird" back in the ledges, I think due to dehydration, so we decided to go to a couple other spots so Chris could get down to business. While at the Kingshighway upledge a minivan drove up and this couple gave us free bottled water and chips, as well as business cards for their church. It was random, but the water was much appreciated. Plus it kind of explains Chris and his hands. -Worful