Sunday, July 25, 2010


Guess who's back in town? Chris! Also David, but David's just visiting. Chris lives here again! Yay Chris! Boo David! But it was great to see David none the less. I met everyone at the C ledge in Webster for some flatground in the blazing sun, and then I had to leave for a bit. But when I came back to meet up everyone was at this "natural" quaterpipe off Hanley that Bobby and I'd always talked about skating. Well turns out it's really rough, but fun. Alex wasn't feeling well, so he wasn't skating, but then he decided to come hang out anyway minus his board. What a bud! He even got dropped off by some mystery cutie. What a stud! David sort of shut it down with his drop in, so we left and went spot searching near there. We found a very David-esque spot, and again he went to town, as did Sam, doing tricks from the ledge and landing frontside into the bank. Sick! Chris went the other direction and gapped out to the ledge. Also sick! Good work boys. Welcome back Chris! We're psyched to have you back and ripping. And come back soon David! -Worful