Monday, July 12, 2010


So I met up with Bobby on Saturday at the C ledge in Webster, and we skated it a little but mostly skated the bench there. I was trying to think of an interesting way to shoot Bob's nosegrind, when he suggested I get on top of the basketball hoop to shoot it from above. To which I replied, "Why don't YOU get on top of the basketball hoop" because I'm not exactly a "fan" of heights. So he did, and told me to do a tre flip and then he snapped this photo that I'm sooooo stoked on. Yeah Bob! We ended our session there with a heated game of S.K.A.T.E. that Bob won with a fakie varial heelflip. After that we practiced our inward heelflips and then headed to meet up with Jack, Herbert, and the Kehoe brothers and skated a cool spot we'd never been to. Alex must be ripping too hard because his body is falling apart. Poor kid. Meanwhile Bob ollied this wall to drop and then we headed out west to skate this cool flat gap spot that we'd seen David skate awhile ago. All in all a great day, minus worsening of my farmer's tan. -Worful