Wednesday, May 21, 2008


It's been said before, and there is some truth to it--skate videos and pornos have much in common. They are preDOMINANTly watched by MALES, feature tons of TRICKS, often contain SADO-MASOCHISM, and are typically crammed to the gills with RAW ACTION.

All jokes aside though, skate videos have one key ingredient that porno lacks: Love. Skaters DO IT for the love.

And as part of our ongoing efforts to spread the love, you should know about Escapist, a top-notch shop located in Kansas City. The title of their first video, Fourteen Deep, may or may not be a sly reference to the skate/porno phenomenon. And while we can't be sure about that, we can tell you that the video features a MAMMOTH team of ROUGH-RIDING rippers, plenty of amazinG SPOTs, and a couple of MONEY SHOT parts courtesy of Ryan Pearce and a BARELY LEGAL Sean Malto. You should get yourself a copy, pronto. To do so, go to their site, or HEAD over to your local shop, Infinity, and spread the love on both sides of the state simultaneously. We're feeling warm already.