Thursday, May 22, 2008


Ah, Trivia Night: kick back, get a drink, eat some bar food, and get frustrated. With plenty of questions from the weakest of categories (really, Robert Downey Jr. movie taglines? Events of 1976? Celebrities' eyes?), you're constantly left wracking your brain for answers. Seriously, who knows this stuff!?

Bottom Feeders, that's who!!! After months of trying to win Lemmon's Wednesday Night Trivia, our underdog crew finally picked a good team name and rose up to smash the heavy-hitting competition of Sexual Vietnam and Bukkake Tsunami (yuck!), ultimately claiming the grand prize of a pizza and a case of beer. We came, we knew the answers, we kicked y'allz asses. BRAGGIN' RITES, BITCH!

Bottom Feeders are: David, Guy, Sarah, Katie, Chelsea, and Stewart.

Jason, Jessie, Jon, where the hell were you?

Now who's up for some shuffleboard?