Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I know, I get it. Typical St. Louis weather for you. But still, WHAT is going on? It was over 100 degrees on Saturday and then I woke up Sunday I had to put on a hoodie. Seriously? I mean don't get me wrong, it was great, but still. Anyway, so Saturday it was too hot for the most part, but Joel did get a line at a spot. Yeah Joel! Sunday I met the Kehoes rather early so Alex could wiggle around on a ledge. Drew, Bobby, and Guy showed a little later and we all headed to the career academy ledges where Bob and Drew got some clips. We checked out a quarter pipe thingy in U-City, but it was kind of hard to skate according to the people who actually tried to skate it. Then Guy and Drew had to take off, which is too bad because right after that we stumbled upon my new favorite spot. I had to borrow Bobby's hat to get some inspiration. Gabe didn't have to borrow anything because he's self-inspired, and I would be too if I were him. Case in point: check out this drop in to wallie he pulled out of nowhere. And in front of some fancy house no less. What an inspiring bastard. Before we called it quits we checked out a couple more spots and Alex hopped over some rails for good measure. Welcome back fall. Don't turn into winter too fast please. -Worful