Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My cousin Shaun Mckay from Kansas City has some footage at the end of this edit.

I don't see him very often and have skated with him even less but he has been skating for some time and I have always been stoked that someone else in my family skates and always wondered what it would be like to have someone that was family grow up skating with you, for better or for worse, like these two nerds.

The first time was at Afton High School (and i'm sure some of you remember this and that day) when he was about 2 feet shorter and several years younger but, nonetheless, left an impression on me that he had much more talent than I did when I was so young.

Anyhow, trying my best not to be sappy or patronizing, I was really, really psyched to see that he's still skating and apparently, as I grow old, stupid, and sluggish, is RIPPING.

So for anyone who reads this blog in KC; if you see Shaun around or know him, give him a shout for me and try to be nice to him. Even if hes being a shithead, any black eyes or bad names will have to answer to his increasingly grumpy, but still not quite geriatric, older cousin.