Sunday, April 4, 2010


Friday night's session started out with just Bobby and I tooling around at the Webster park. We weren't sure where else to go, but it ended up being super fun. They've taken out some of the ramps there and moved some of the parking blocks around, and made everything more skatable in the process somehow. So yeah, David, Joel, and Guy showed up, then Alex, Chris, Adam, Reggie, and Kendal too. Sick! A nice session got underway, as you can see on Chris and Adam's blog. Then it started to rain, but the ripping continued until things got too wet to skate. So we booked it to Wendy's, got our grub on, and then went to Steger to skate the benches and Alex's flatbar. More ripping, and then we finally called it a day. Thanks guys! -Worful