Friday, April 30, 2010



Tomorrow, Saturday May 1st, there will be a pub skrawl (yes, a pub crawl on skateboards) beginning at the skate spot formerly known as "Shitside." It must be noted that the spot under the Kingshighway bridge also refers to itself simply as "The Shit" or by the cryptic symbol O*O. Despite these confusing twists of self-reference, it has been reported that the work produced at the spot has not lowered in quality or become less prolific.


We will rendevous around 6 o'clock and skate from there to whichever bar in the vicinity we decide on. This will be following a day long filming mission starting at the tennis courts and ending at O*O, to chronicle some of skating and work done at DIY spots in St. Louis for a video piece on The Skateboard Mag's website. If you have any footage of construction at the spots or footage of good skating at the spots, contributions will be happily accepted for inclusion in the edit.

It has also been said that O*O will be under generator lights that same night, and if that is the case then a somewhat tipsy night session will also be in order. All are welcome, hope to see you there!