Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I'm Back in LA from a long series of travels of the Southwest of our great nation and Australia. New friends were met and old ones were revisited, wallets were lost and then recovered and then lost again, sights were seen, new memories were made and then forgotten and then remembered again and potentially forgotten henceforth. Most importantly though, new blogs we're discovered. And although, from the comfort of your own home, you can easily spot blogs frolicking in the open plains or dig for the ones wedged in the deep crevasses of the internet, we all know that you don't give five flying fucks or six solitary shits about a blog or website until you meet the creators of them and see the locales that inspired them.

I snatched the above photo of Ben Raybourn and I in Collector, NSW Australia from my buddy Schooner's blog, Schooner is a solid shredder from Sydney and seriously sucks at not sucking and showed us spooky sights and scenes such as this (alliteration alert! ... Apple airport Alligator assholes!). Collector is a town of 100 some odd people on the way from Sydney to Canberra where an artist chose to build his horror-themed dream house masterpiece until the locals ran him out of town. You may recognize it from Richie Jackson's part in the latest Transworld video.

Another Sydneysider, Troy West has a blog of his skateboarding gypsy adventures. Recent entry's include my friend Alan Young catching a bird, graphic designer and usually straight-laced Englishman Jaybone getting into some risky business, Matt Price having a gay time as usual, and somehow not a single photo of me. I was probably too busy losing my wallet. Maybe next time.

Jack Sabback also has a blog of photos from his extensive travels called Bassackwards. Thats pretty good, but I said that I would have called it "Wacky Sabbacky." To each his own.

I'll post some of my photos from this trip when I have a chance. I don't think anyone has posted this outrageous Roger of the Month so i'll leave it at that.