Monday, March 29, 2010


Here is a video Mike Stanfield posted on the Ezekiel skate blog of Derek and I skating the Venice beach ledges a week or so ago. In true beach bum fashion I was just "cruising" that day because of a sprained MCL but couldn't resist some risky back tails on the zip zinger I borrowed from Mike. Derek held it down as usual with his casual ledge sorcery.

I like this video because it captures some of the early-mid nineties nostalgia that escapes most youngsters these days (the gap continues to widen) with the Venice Beach backdrop and the grainy bubble vision footage that looks as if it were filmed by a passing tie-fighter. The Irony is that its filmed with a goddamn iphone with a $1000 fisheye taped to it. I also like it because it exemplifies Mikes oft-used titling style of stringing together adjectives contrary to the content of the video. If you know Mike he is an LA born-n-bred honky at heart but he is half-Chinese so I can never tell if hes trying to be funny or if it is just his "chinglish" coming out with these sorts of things.

I might also mention that Dan "the fan (of Pretty)" O' Sullivan asked me to post this video of dudes shredding Garvanza park in LA. I was bummed I had to sit this one out because of said knee at the time, but after seeing the edit i'm glad I did, because, I don't care if humans skate circles around me and make me look like a total buster mark-ass... but dogs?! Ain't no dog going to show me up with some shit like that. Fuck no.