Monday, November 9, 2009


Bobby's friends from Bloomington, Illinois came through town yesterday, and he showed them around to a few spots here. First he took them to the always amazing Shitside, and Phil blasted a backside ollie to wallride out of the great new quarterpipe. Mike used the bank to wall for a wallride nollie pop out. And Bob got into a 180 nosegrind revert on a the two stair. Then we met up with a whole crew of guys that were at the Gateway School ledges. Chris and Larry got busy with a back nosegrind and a front board. Meanwhile, Joe had a board crisis and Randy had a shoe crisis. But things really got interesting when we hopped under the fence and went around back to skate the loading dock. Bob got a front shove off the top, Phil got a frontside 360, Mike somehow managed to frontboard the rail at the top, and Randy finished things off with a massive ollie over the entire dock. Wow! Then we cruised by the parking garage by my apartment and Mike and Phil tore it up before they headed back home. Here's Mike doing a nollie tre flip. Those dudes are super cool, I hope they come back soon. -Worful