Thursday, November 5, 2009


Fully Randy! from Reginald Archibald on Vimeo.

Here is Ted schmitz's latest digi-cam masterwork "Fully Randy!" After one long, grueling, sleepless night of passionate beer drinking (well at least for me) Ted, Matt Price, and I went to the wedge in Phoenix at the crack of dawn before my flight home to try and film one last trick for my comeback video part. There were slams, heel bruises, board breaks, tall can slams, tears, meltdowns, drug addictions, and more, but after encouragement from the boys and our new friend* (Not safe for work!), I prevailed and rolled away from an "imposstaleble." Thanks for believing in me guys! Via Skate AZ.

*First dirty vid on the blog? Is Worful ok with this?