Tuesday, January 6, 2009


What if we had this instead of the Arch? Okay, okay, okay, the scale is all wrong and it would've been made out of grass and earth instead of concrete (not to mention that park rangers would arrest you for skating it anyway), but Isamu Noguchi's plan for the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial looks a helluva lot more fun than the JB park, or any other skatepark we have for that matter. Ugh.

While we're speaking of hypotheticals, let's just throw this one out there... It's surely a pipe dream (pun!!!), but who is interested in signing a petition for trying to get a public skatepark or skateplaza in the city? Better yet, who's interested in getting petitions signed, talking with the aldermen, helping secure funding, writing proposals, all the bureaucratic crap that we would have to do to get a publicly funded park? Let's gauge some interest, if you're up for doing ANY of those things, write to stlskatepark@gmail.com. Maybe it's worth a try...