Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Bob and I just got back from AZ last night. Why have we visited there three years in a row? Is it the spots? The parks? The homies? The pizza? The fact that Matt Price has a hot tub AND The Reason on DVD? I'd say it's all of the above and more. Thanks so much to Tim, Ari, Vlad, and Ashley for letting us crash with you and for hanging out. And thanks to everyone else we got to see, we had a blast as always. Although I would recommend maybe not skating within an hour of landing at the airport because I ended up rolling my ankle and not being able to skate the rest of the trip. Oh well, that's what I get for trying to skate. Anyway, everyone other than me killed it. Also please support Skate After School, I'm psyched we got to see one of their sessions. -Worful

Editor's note: Bob and I were feeling pudgy before the trip and had a bet that whoever lost the most weight got free Venezia's from the loser. But we both ended up gaining a little, so whoever gained the least was the winner. I lost. Also Bob came up with the title of this post as well as the post on the 19th. He's the master, ugh.