Monday, July 15, 2013


I ventured out to Quincy, IL the other day with Randy, David, Gabe, and Jackson. Quincy's known as "Gem City" apparently. Well that's cool and all, but I wouldn't say we found any rare "gems" as far as spots go. I would instead say we found some rare turds and polished them as much as we could. Jackson especially, that guy's a beast! He killed it. Anyway, a fun time way had. And to Jayna Del Troy, the Lion's Choice employee who served us our roast beef combo meals, you were our muse and will forever be in our hearts. -Worful

Editor's note: An alternate title for this post was "Tom Tom Huck Jam" when I thought we were going to stop and skate in Hannibal, MO. I most likely would've talked about "floating" down the highway searching for spots in a "raft" that took the form of a borrowed car from Randy's parents. Oh well.