Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Thought BeefTruk was dead? Me too. But we just dropped off copies of issue #3 at Infinity. Why so long? Let's just say we ran out of gas or hit a bump in the road or lost our directions to Tuna Town. Whatever the case, Worf saved the day and got the ol' Truk rolling again. Thanks, Worf!

For the return of BeefTruk we are offering the Brown Bag Special which includes a koozie, a sticker, and of course issue #3. Get over to Infinity pronto.

Considering that the last issue came out in '06 or '07, we estimate that Truk #4 will come out in 2020*. See you then.

*Just kidding. Give me or Worf a holler if you want to get a photo for the next issue.