Friday, February 22, 2013


We war lucky enough to have Randy in town on a Send Help trip, so he came with as Ari and Vlad lead us on a long hike up South Mountain. It was super fun, and Ari even got enlisted by a photographer to help assist while he was shooting photos of a yoga instructor. He did great! Afterward we had a relaxing yet controversial dip in the hot tub at the hotel where Randy was staying. Meanwhile, on the skating front, we went from one ditch to another and hit up the famous pop over ledge next. There was a gang of razor scooter kids there when we arrived, but luckily they didn't beat us up. After that we met up with Vlad and hit the also famous northern ditch. At first we thought it was too dirty to skate, but Vlad soon proved us wrong. Vlad, Vlad, Vlad! So rad. We headed to a school next and everyone got some. I also had the pleasure to meet and skate with the ever energetic and stylish Ted Schmidtz. Quite a rad dude. Finally we ended things with a nice session at Pecos Skatepark. What a sick park! Anyway thanks SO much to everyone for hanging out and showing Bob and I such a good time! We had a blast, and yesterday's snow is making me miss the AZ sun. -Worful