Monday, March 19, 2012


Spring is here! David was in town! What a fun weekend. Except for the St. Patrick's Day traffic that I got stuck in, just like I do every single year because I live near Dogtown. But I digress. Anyway the weather is perfect and the sun is out late, so use this time wisely and go skate or ride your bike or do something fun outside before it gets boiling hot out. Right, so yeah David was in town and that's always a treat. Friday we all met at Randy's. When I showed up there seemed to be a very intense game of S.K.A.T.E. going on that might have consisted entirely of no complies. Lots of innovation was happening, I'll say that. Then we headed down to skate the ledges underneath 40 near the stadium. Apparently there was some sort of circus there with I have no idea what going on inside of it. Something to do with horses. But yeah it was fun to see David skate as always. Gotta love that style. The next day I met up with the Kehoes and watched Alex battle a trick for awhile. Then Sunday I skated downtown and watched Chris go through a battle himself. Those boys are putting in some serious work for the Infinity video, that's for sure. -Worful