Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The other day it was fairly cold when I met up with some guys at Shepard. Shepard's not the most fun spot due to it's high level of difficulty, but it was fun to see Chris battle and eventually conquer a very sick NBD there. Yeah Chris! Later Drew and Randy skated the bump to fence nearby which was also fun to watch. Our toes were about to fall off due to frostbite however, so Randy and Drew constructed a fire for everyone. How kind of them, how illegal of them. Also Drew borrowed Pratte's new camera and really got in the zone. Meanwhile it was much warmer the following day when I had the pleasure of watching Frenzel and DJ Crucial skate, among others. Frenzel was skating like a madman and DJ Crucial always has the sickest old school boards (AND shoes apparently). -Worful