Monday, November 14, 2011


To skate a real spot or not to skate a real spot, THAT is the question. But when it comes to skating with Bobby and David the answer is usually "Doesn't matter!" This is because they can make a fun session out of any spot. Furthermore they challenge the very definition of what a spot is. Saturday was no exception and the skating got very conceptual and even borderline existential. We started by meeting Joel at Bobby's and lots of baby holding ensued. Then we checked out the bank across from the mall, however a very nice security lady gave us a very gentle boot. Bobby and I casually mentioned that we knew of a bank near a small body of water, and surprisingly we ended up skating there. The bank proved not to be exactly "awesome" to skate, so Bobby and David decided to forego the bank all together and concentrate instead on what seemed to be an impossible box to skate. But skate it they did. When we were leaving I noticed that my back left tire was looking very low and Bobby spotted a nail in the top of it ("Nailed it!" -Bobby or David, I can't remember). And as soon as I popped the trunk Bobby, David, and Joel went to work like my own personal pit crew! Next up we non-spot searched in Maplewood and came across a bank and a wall with very narrow ledges to stall on. Bobby somehow managed to stall on it without breaking his toes, and Joel somehow managed to "get in the chunk" as Bobby described it. Meanwhile David dropped the heck out of it. Guy met up with us in full crusade regalia and a few blocks away he took advantage of a nice yellow curb. Finally, our last non-spot of the day, Guy had been talking about wanting to skate a flat bar. Well, we sort of found one. But the weird foam ground at this abandoned playground was more interesting. Somehow David managed to ollie a gap on it. Also him and Bobby got their buddy bar on. The next day we changed things up by skating a couple "real" spots, which were also fun. Anyway it was great to see you David! Come back soon. Also get back to me about the business venture we discussed, -Worful

P.S. From help with my tire to all the people who made it out to my photo show Friday night, thanks so much you guys! I've really lucked out in the friend department, I really appreciate it.