Monday, March 14, 2011


australia skateparktage from preston harper on Vimeo.

Yeah, Sure. So you might say you're getting a little tired of the thousands of skatepark montages appearing on the internet everyday. Well as long as your click counters keep proving you're watching, Preston Harper will keep making his digi-cam montages. And even when the world stops, takes a look at its daily media intake and decides it would prefer content of a more well-crafted and less disposable nature, Preston will press on with an auteur's eye for making poorly filmed and edited skatepark footage quite entertaining.

This is from our recent trip in Australia and it features 4 of the skateparks (Cammery, Balmoral, Five Dock, and one I can't remember the name of, respectively) we frequented in the greater Sydney area. Among the highlights are:

-Preston getting loose as a goose and being a turkey but mostly just kook(aburra)ing it, as usual.

-Richie Jackson background props and a well done smith grind kickflip by his younger bro, Adam Jackson

- Matt Price blowing it on doubles but redeeming himself with a heavyset-yet-graceful nollie nosegrind pop out like some sort of white-boy Jabari Pendleton.

- Me proving that you really "are only as old as you feel" by "surfing" out tricks without blowing out my knees. Or is it as old as you act? can't remember.

- a "well-protected" frontside kickflip over a hip.

A few kilometers or so away from the sunny Sydney summer, the frozen solid Yanks over at the dude life blog seem to believe this is our "best shit" from the trip. And for them I have a few questions:

Was Matt Price sneakily filming some HD footy on his digital SLR for his own personal Australia edit?

Did we really film our hard-earned street moves primarily on Preston's crappy digital camera?

Did I really only film one solitary clip with my own flip camera?

I won't throw out any spoilers, but I will say, sirs; this isn't over. Not by a long shot.