Thursday, February 10, 2011


Sunday we woke up early-ish at Tim's and went to the famous pop-over ledges. Tim brought his blogging A-game and filmed some lines of Bobby. It was unseasonably chilly the first night we got in town, but Saturday and Sunday were really nice and it was amazing to be outside in a t-shirt given that St. Louis was so cold. Some of the same homies from the day before met up with us and we headed to the El Mirage skatepark for a quick session. There we met up with some guys who were in town from Indiana, and we went down the block to check out a new handrail spot everyone had been wanting to see. Things got off to a quick start and other than Brad hurting his knee and Dylan hurting his board we had a lot of fun. Michael wrapped things up nicely by destroying the rail entirely, and THEN kept going on the kinked one next to it. Wow! After that we went to get some delicious burgers Tim kept telling us about. They were in fact delicious, and while we were eating there was something supposedly entertaining on the television, but we were much more distracted by the cute girl working behind the counter. Stay fly burger girl! We ended the night by going to the Chandler skatepark which was fun. Randy practiced several "Ploesser Plop" variations, and Bob practiced several slam variations. The next day we hiked up Camelback Mountain the next day with Randy, Lucy, Ari and his ladyfriend, and Peter which was a ton of fun. It was a great end to a great trip, buuuuut we had to go somewhere to make it complete before we got dropped off at the airport. All in all the trip was an amazing time and I'm really lucky I got to share it with Bob. Thanks so much to Tim and everyone else for making it so awesome! Until next time (which is soon I hope). -Worful