Wednesday, November 24, 2010


sar... from Alex Hoffman on Vimeo.

Is Sars Back? Did it leave? Should I still be wearing this mask?

OH.. .WAIT... "SAR..."!

Just the new something-or-other that Ryan Sublette and Alex Hoffman are cooking up. Surely I wouldn't post it if it did not have some footage of ME doing some quarterpipe poppycock that I honestly have no recollection of doing. Perhaps I was in the midst of some psychedelic fever dream as this trailer of sorts would seem to suggest. Or perhaps it is not me but perhaps an image of me in the fifth dimension that hasn't happened yet or perhaps happened on an imperceptible plane of reality. Perhaps. Either way, i'm, like, TOTALLY freakin' out bro.

I remember Worful making a post about the hard to get SMITS video that Alex and Ryan created some time ago. Welp, its up on the interweb now RIGHT FUCKING HERE, via Alex's vimeo page. Sure its in little tiny chunks in little tiny windows so you might not be able to drop some mescaline and watch it around a big screen with all your little weirdo buddies but at least it is available in some sort of format.

Yes, indeed, the interweb. Where immense works of creative genius like SMITS are put to be ignored, and stinking pieces of week old dog shit are left around to be revered. What a wonderful age we live in.