Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Having forgotten that I'd busted my nut off the front kingpin of my board, I showed up at the courts on Sunday with no board to skate. Thankfully Gabe was nice enough to offer me his filmer board to cruise around on. Thanks Gabe! Things were going fine until Gabe's camera took a slam of Bobby proportions. Ugh, sorry Gabe, that's a huge bummer. Shortly after that happened I left to drop Schwartz off at work, and then met back up with everyone at Shepard. Which ironically is THE perfect spot to cruise around at on Gabe's filmer board, what with the comical amount of snags and whatnot. Everyone was killing it there, but I only was able to catch their warm up tricks since everything else they were trying was so complicated and deserving of a sequence camera. After that I followed the Kehoes to McDonald's which was a mistake. But we made up for it by going to skate downtown, which was fun. Randy got his ollie on, and Troy was got his weird on. -Worful